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Find and Fix More Typos

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When you’re constantly producing code and documentation, mistakes will happen. Some will be easy to spot and others may elude you. We know that attention to detail counts. If someone finds a typo in your documentation or their code, they may be inclined to ask themselves what else may be wrong. In order to avoid the impression of carelessness, let’s automate the finding and fixing of typos.

Using Tig to Make Sense of Git

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If you work with Git as your version control system, you’ve likely already resigned yourself to the fact that it’s a complicated beast. Git is a fantastic tool, but it can be cumbersome to navigate repositories, logs, the stash, etc. That’s where a tool like Tig comes in.

4 Strategies for Context Switching in Git

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Anyone who spends a lot of time working with Git will eventually need to do some form of context switching. Sometimes this adds very little overhead to your workflow, but other times, it can be a real pain. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of some common strategies for dealing with context switching.

is: an inspector for your environment

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I love writing bash scripts, but there are some aspects of it which I find to be a bit tedious. I’ve written “is” to try to make shell programming a little more enjoyable. Let’s look at how to get started with it.

Whither Perl

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The slides and video for my “Whither Perl” talk are now available.