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Finding Unused Perl Variables

published on
When you find variables which have not been used, you may find yourself asking, “why is this here?” and you may not easily get an answer. Eliminating unused variables can be good for the performance of the code, but also good for everyone else on your team. So, we want to make sure we can remove old bits of unused code and also prevent new cases.

Opening Files Quickly from Inside vim

published on
I use ot a lot when it comes to opening files. I wanted to be able to use this tool from inside vim as well. It turns out, the solution is quite simple.

Improving prove with Preview Windows

published on
Last month, I talked about how to add tab completion to a CLI program, using fzf. Next we talked about a more generic solution which adds a preview window to a file search. Today we will look at how to combine the knowledge from these two posts. What we want to do is have our custom completion for the prove CLI, but with a preview window. The solution looks like this: Read More...

Adding a Preview Window to Your Tab Completion

published on
A few days ago, I talked about how to add tab completion to a CLI program, using fzf. As usual, there’s more than one way to do it (TIMTOWDI) and I’d like to look at another approach which also uses fzf. One of the neat things about fzf is that it can provide you with configurable preview window. The following snippet will require fzf and bat, which is another handy tool which I encourage you to explore. Read More...


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