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On the status of HTTP::BrowserDetect

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One of the first modules I ever took over on CPAN is the venerable HTTP::BrowserDetect. I remember I was giving a talk at Toronto PerlMongers one night about a UserAgent parser I had worked very hard to build. When I was finished, one of the comments was “Why didn’t you just use HTTP::BrowserDetect”? The answer was pretty simple – I just didn’t know about it. After I got familiar with HTTP::BrowserDetect, I saw that it was on some levels better that what I had written, but that it needed some love. Read More...

HTTP::BrowserDetect for all of your UserAgent parsing needs

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This module dates back to 1999, but as of late 2009 it had only been patched twice over a 5 year period. The RT queue was full of very good (but unapplied) patches. The world of browsers had also changed considerably over this 10 year period, making the module helpful but missing a lot of coverage. Since I didn't feel like rewriting this module,I took the time to contact the author about seeing if he'd allow me to apply the patches. Read More...