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Kickstarting the Gitpan
·293 words·2 mins
CPAN GitHub GitPan metacpan perl
This Week in MetaCPAN
·826 words·4 mins
CPAN GitHub metacpan perl
Expanding Your MetaCPAN Author Profile
·928 words·5 mins
CPAN metacpan
iCPAN is (almost) on the iPad
·1388 words·7 mins
CPAN iCPAN iPad iPhone metacpan
Get Hacking on MetaCPAN in Just Minutes
·189 words·1 min
CPAN metacpan
·173 words·1 min
CPAN metacpan PGXN
The Summer of MetaCPAN
·470 words·3 mins
CPAN Google Summer of Code metacpan
CPAN Instant Update Mirroring
·275 words·2 mins
CPAN perl
How to set up your own PerlMongers web service in 10 minutes or less
·273 words·2 mins
CPAN Elasticsearch metacpan perl Perl Mongers REST
MetaCPAN Status Update
·341 words·2 mins
CPAN iCPAN metacpan perl