iCPAN is (almost) on the iPad

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iCPAN hit the app store about a year ago. I didn't really expect there would be a lot of downloads, but the reality is that there was far more interest than I had expected, which is good. After the original app was released, I was able to release a couple of subsequent versions with updated Pod, but it soon became clear that some problems were not being solved. The first issue was that it was taking a very long time to put a build together, because I had to parse all of minicpan with each run. Read More...

iCPAN: Now Bigger, Faster and with Syntax Highlighting

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Since we've been porting CPAN to the iPhone via iCPAN, we've had the chance to re-imagine the CPAN a little bit. We've been thinking, what would we change about search.cpan.org if we were able? We've added the bookmarking, we save searches of recently viewed modules and now we've got syntax highlighting. A lot of us see our code highlighted in our editors. That's how we're accustomed to viewing code. So why not view it that way in our module documentation? Read More...