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MetaCPAN 2014 QA Hackathon Retrospective
·1204 words·6 mins
metacpan QA Hackathon Perl Toolchain Summit
You Can Help MetaCPAN by Helping the QA Hackathon
·504 words·3 mins
metacpan Perl Toolchain Summit sponsor
MetaCPAN Welcomes its Newest Sponsor: GitHub
·285 words·2 mins
GitHub metacpan sponsor
MetaCPAN is Hiring!
·597 words·3 mins
Google Summer of Code metacpan OPfW
Fiddling with the URLs
·226 words·2 mins
CPAN metacpan perl
Ab(Using) the MetaCPAN API for Fun and Profit v2013
·161 words·1 min
CPAN iCPAN metacpan perl YAPC
MetaCPAN is Moving Today (Dec 31, 2012)
·356 words·2 mins
CPAN metacpan perl
iCPAN 2.0.0 now Available in the App Store
·833 words·4 mins
CPAN iCPAN iOS metacpan Objective-C perl
MetaCPAN at the QA Hackathon
·893 words·5 mins
CPAN metacpan perl Perl Toolchain Summit
++ Goes on Hiatus
·1539 words·8 mins
CPAN metacpan perl