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meta::hack is back!

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For the third year running, we have the privilege of working out of the ServerCentral offices in downtown Chicago in order to hack on MetaCPAN. This year, five of us will be working on improving our corner of the Perl ecosystem. The physical attendee list is follows: Doug Bell Joel Berger Olaf Alders Mickey Nasriachi Shawn Sorichetti This, of course, would not be possible without the help of our 2018 sponsors: Booking. Read More...

How lazy am I?

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Occasionally I find myself running some random Perl script from a Github gist or dealing with some code from a colleague that doesn’t have proper dependency management (yet). It’s a bit painful to run the script wait for it to die on a failed dependency install the missing dependency re-run the script wait for it to die install the missing dependency rinse lather repeat Being lazy I was aware of Acme::Magic::Pony. Read More...

Perl Toolchain Summit 2018 Wrap-up Report

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Perl Toolchain Summit 2018 Wrap-up Report Getting There This year I had the pleasure of attending the Perl Toolchain Summit in Oslo, Norway. Because of a conflict in my schedule, I initially didn’t think I’d be able to attend. After a lot of mental back and forth, I decided I’d try to make it work. The compromise was that this year I would leave on Sunday morning rather than on Monday. Read More...

WWW::Mechanize Best Practices

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fields Recently at $work we were discussing some of the behaviours of WWW::Mechanize when submitting forms. For instance, when you pass the fields parameter to the submit_form() method, Mechanize might take a very lax approach to submitting your data. Imagine the following form: <form id="foo"> <input type="text" name="A"> <input type="text" name="B"> </form> Now take the following code: my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new; $mech->get($some_url); $mech->submit_form( form_id => 'foo', fields => { A => 'foo', B => 'bar', C => 'baz' }, ); Mechanize will happily post all of these fields to the form for you, even though the form doesn’t contain an input with the field “C”. Read More...

My “Go for Perl Hackers” Cheatsheet

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Last year I found myself working on some Go code at $work. When I’m trying to pick up constructs in a new language, I find it helpful to see how I would have done the same things in Perl. This sheet is far from complete, but I think it’s already helpful. You can find it at https://github.com/oalders/go-for-perl-hackers. Comments, critique and pull requests are welcome. I’ve already had some helpful feedback via Twitter which I’ve incorporated. Read More...

New defaults for Perl Linting in Vim’s Ale Plugin

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In my previous post, I talked about using Ale with vim for linting and syntax checking. Since that time, the Ale defaults for Perl have changed. Perl::Critic checks are still on by default, but you will need to enable the syntax and compile checks that are run via the `perl` binary itself. The reasoning for the new default is described in the Ale docs. If you want to (re-)enable your Perl checks, you can follow the example in my dot files. Read More...

vim, Ale, Syntastic and Perl::Critic

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As a vim user, I’ve used Syntastic for a long time. It’s a great tool for syntax checking. However, I was recently introduced to Ale. Ale does a lot of what Syntastic does, but it does it asynchronously. The practical benefits are You should experience less lag when editing large files Ale flags problematic lines containing errors and warnings in a gutter, making it easy to find problems Detailed information about errors and warnings appear at the bottom of your buffer I may actually be underselling it. Read More...

Announcing meta::hack v2

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It’s that time of year again. We did a bunch of hacking on MetaCPAN at the Perl Toolchain Summit and we got a lot done, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Our TODO list never gets shorter and there are lots of folks willing to pitch in, so today I’m announcing that meta::hack v2 will take place from Nov 16-19, 2017 at Server Central in Chicago. As a reminder of how things went with meta::hack v1, please refer to my wrap-up report from that event. Read More...


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