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Autocorrecting my Git Commands
·598 words·3 mins
git bash autocorrect
PrettyGoodPing: Now with Domain Name Expiration
·200 words·1 min
prettygoodping domain name expiration
PrettyGoodPing: Now with GitLab and Google Auth
·361 words·2 mins
GitLab prettygoodping OAuth2 perl
Find Expiring TLS/SSL Certs
·2536 words·12 mins
prettygoodping TLS SSL Go curl perl Let's Encrypt
The Perl Advent Calendar 2022 Call for Papers Is Now Open
·637 words·3 mins
Perl Advent Calendar
Making Dynamically Required Package Names More Discoverable in Perl
·1234 words·6 mins
perl perlimports
Finding Unused Perl Variables
·342 words·2 mins
perl linting
Opening Files Quickly from Inside vim
·191 words·1 min
vim perl Programming Open::This CPAN
Observing Network Traffic with LWP::ConsoleLogger::Everywhere
·469 words·3 mins
CPAN perl LWP::ConsoleLogger LWP::UserAgent UserAgent
Detective Work with perlimports
·476 words·3 mins
perl Programming perlimports